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Planning and design for community-led housing – video

How can planning and design collaborate to improve opportunities for affordable housing in Brighton & Hove?

This was under discussion at this community-led housing focused workshop on Tuesday 19 June. It explored aspects of community-led housing design and planning, including small homes, ‘meanwhile use’ (making use of temporarily empty buildings and sites) and cohousing design.

The speakers were:

  • Daren Howarth (HUTEC designs, Earthship and Grand Designs) on small homes by choice.
  • Eddie Bridgeman (MeanwhileSpace Community Interest Company, London-based) on meanwhile use.
  • Jonny Anstead (TOWN, developer of Marmalade Lane Cohousing in Cambridge) on cohousing design & planning.

Watch the full workshop below:

(if the video above appears blurry when watching, click Settings and then Quality in the YouTube player and select the highest quality your internet connection can handle) Continue reading

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