Introduction to financial planning for community-led housing video

On 24 February 2018 Nathan Brown (Co-op Culture) gave a workshop on ‘Introducing Financial Planning’ for community-led housing, on behalf of the Brighton & Hove Community Land Trust. Watch the full workshop below

Find the full slides below or download them here

Find the example of the Radical Routes spreadsheet which is mentioned in the presentation here.

Nathan outlines in his talk different useful financial planning tools for community-led housing. These include:

  • The Radical Routes financial planning spreadsheet, which can be found at the bottom of this page – it’s a spreadsheet designed for housing co-ops, to work out what they can afford to buy, how much rent they need to set and what loans and loanstock they will need.
  • The Community Land Trust Appraisal Tool – This tool will help you to develop a financially viable affordable housing project. It’s more complicated than the Radical Routes spreadsheet, as it takes into account different ownership / tenure options, rather than just the housing co-op model.

There are various ethical lenders which community-led housing groups can get mortgages / loans from, including:

Please book a place to come to our next lending surgery on Monday 19 March for community-led housing groups to meet representatives from organisations which lend to community-led housing. At the lending surgery you will able to meet and discuss your plans with Mark Ogden (Triodos) and Sonya Powe (Unity Trust bank).

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For more information about grants, land, support and housing for community-led housing in Brighton & Hove, please see:

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