Finding suitable property and land for community-led housing video

On 6 April 2018 Nicola Thomas (Brighton & Hove Community Land Trust) and Paul Bonnett (Bonnett’s estate agents) gave a workshop on finding suitable property and land for community-led housing.

They discussed how groups could develop their site criteria, learn more about the local land and property context and work with others in their group to decide the next steps in their search for land and property. Watch the full workshop below

(if the video above appears blurry when watching, click Settings and then Quality in the youtube player and select the highest quality your internet connection can handle)

Download Nicola’s slides here or view them below.

More information

One of the biggest challenges for community-led housing groups in Brighton & Hove is finding suitable and affordable land and property. This is why we have Nicola Thomas as part of the Community-Led Housing Programme staff team. Nicola is an architect with over 30 years of experience, specialising in sustainable architecture. If your community-led housing group has any questions for Nicola, please email her on nicolathomas[at]

Please also watch the workshop on Understanding planning and development for community-led housing with Nicola Thomas (BHCLT), Liz Hobden (Head of Planning, Brighton & Hove City Council), Ian Coomber (Absolute Town Planning) and Anthony Probert (BioRegional).

Please see the resources section of our website for videos from many other workshops as well as our community-led housing groups guide.

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