How to set up a housing co-op video

On 17 May 2018, Helen Bartlett (Rosa Bridge housing co-op) gave a workshop on How to set up a housing co-operative. Watch the full workshop below:

(if the video above appears blurry when watching, click Settings and then Quality in the youtube player and select the highest quality your internet connection can handle)

Download Helen’s slides here or view them below

Do you want to set up a housing co-op (or another form of community-led housing)?

Please read this page on our website on how to apply for money and support to help you set up a housing co-op (or another form of community-led housing) in Brighton & Hove. It goes over what are the criteria for funding and support. We can also help you fill in your application!

More information

The ‘How to set up a housing co-operative’ guide produced by Radical Routes which Helen mentioned in her talk can be found here.

Helen also mentions the Radical Routes financial planning spreadsheet, which can be found at the bottom of this page – it’s a spreadsheet designed for housing co-ops, to work out what they can afford to buy, how much rent they need to set and what loans and loanstock they will need.

Please also see the resources section of our website for videos from many other relevant workshops as well as our community-led housing groups guide which includes extensive information about housing co-ops.

Upcoming housing co-op social on 16th June

Co-operative Housing in Brighton & Hove (CHIBAH) will be having a meeting and social event on Saturday 16 June, 2pm at Christchurch, Two Piers Housing Co-op. All co-ops, cohousing and other community-led housing groups welcome! This is a chance to meet people from the existing housing co-ops in the city. Find out more information about the event here. Get in touch on for directions. Free drinks and snacks provided.

Upcoming housing co-op tour on 30th June!

Join us on Saturday 30th June for an open day of five housing co-operatives in Brighton & Hove, each with its own story. This is a chance to see some of the ways more genuinely affordable and co-operative housing has been created in the city.

The Brighton & Hove Community Land Trust are working with the Big Lemon bus company who will be driving people between the housing co-ops in a minibus. There will be two tours during the 30th June – one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Each with a maximum of 16 people due to the size of the minibus.

Places are FREE but please email as soon as possible to find out more and sign up. More information about the tour can be found here.

Other organisations that can help you set up a housing co-operative

As well as the Brighton & Hove Community Land Trust, there are also several other organisations which can help you set up housing co-ops, including:


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