We’re recruiting new Directors – help shape our future

Brighton & Hove Community Land Trust is looking for new Directors to help build the movement for community-led housing and land in the city.

We recognise that a wide and diverse set of skills and experiences is vital to developing the Trust and that the more diverse our movement is, the stronger it will be. We would like our board to be more representative of Brighton & Hove in terms of race, gender, class, disability and other factors so we encourage people from underrepresented groups to apply.

Directors are responsible for steering BHCLT’s strategic direction, ensuring that the Trust works to:

  • Steward land and assets in perpetuity for the benefit of communities across Brighton & Hove.
  • Engage and assist communities to obtain land and other assets.
  • Promote means of constructing and running buildings that go beyond merely being sustainable to being productive and beneficial.
  • Work pro-actively with other Community Land Trusts to pursue and achieve any collective aims.
  • Facilitate learning for all members in programmes that promote the values and vision of the CLT through engagement with local, national and international individuals and organisations.
  • Invest in and test non-traditional funding means for community development.

BHCLT Directors are expected to attend monthly meetings, arranged at times which best suit the group. There are also sub group meetings to attend and Directors need to keep up to date with developments within the Trust, working with a small, part time staff team. There will be additional expectations outside the meetings, depending on the skills and interest of the Director.


You must join BHCLT before expressing your interest. It’s just £1 to do – find out more here: bhclt.org.uk/membership

Candidates will be asked to meet with current Directors before 23 August 2018 to ensure they have a full understanding of BHCLT’s challenges and ambitions. With this information they will be asked to write a short summary setting out their skills, experience, time commitment and why they want to be part of the BHCLT Board. This will need to be submitted by 24 August 2018.

New directors will be elected at our Annual General Meeting on the evening of Wednesday 12 September.

Find out more about the Director role here.
Get in touch with us on info[at]bhclt.org.uk for more information, and to express your interest.

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