How are you governed? Find out more about Sociocracy

Sociocracy is a governance system that aims to balance inclusiveness with effectiveness. It is popular with housing communities in the US and elsewhere. Interested in finding out more? Join our workshop on Saturday 5 May.

How groups organise and work together significantly impacts on what they can achieve. Sociocracy is structured somewhere between regular hierarchies that we’re likely all used to, and ‘flat’ consensus-based formats that others may have experienced. It helps to reap the benefits of both formats – namely efficiency as well as equality.

Linked teams of people (circles) work semi-autonomously to understand the issues they have to deal with and create policies together, using inclusive techniques such as rounds and consent to make decisions efficiently.

Sussex Cohousing uses Sociocracy as it’s method of governance, decision making and general working together. This is because they believe it is organised, inclusive and has ongoing learning from experience built in. This workshop will offer an introduction to the system and practices as well as showing something of how Sussex Cohousing work together. This could be useful for other community-led groups, or in any area of life where you’re working with others.

Two members of Sussex Cohousing will give an overview and a chance to try one or two methods.

The workshop takes place on Saturday 5 May, 10.00am -1.00pm. We have limited places available. Please email as soon as possible to find out more and sign up.

The workshop is free, but we require participants to become BHCLT members (fee £1). Join here:

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