Coldean Community ‘Have your Say’ Meeting

On the 28 of March we helped Coldean resident Ian Bailey organise a community meeting. The aim was to get locals together to talk about their area and how they’d like to see it develop. Ian and Dot (our Community Enabler) spent time flyering the local area and as a result was that 30 people came along to have their say!

Brighton & Hove City Council have identified areas in Coldean called ‘urban fringe sites’ that have the potential to have houses built on them. One of these is being assessed presently for the development of a significant number of houses. Residents have already seen a lot of change to their community with the construction of the University of Brighton halls at Varley Park. Whilst there are some concerns and questions still to be answered many of the group came with ideas of how any potential development might be done. In particular, how this might enhance the local area, sharing how they’d like to see Coldean grow and come together to move forward.

We spoke about the local woodland and trees, access, community facilities, sports facilities, noise, services and much more and now have a list of ideas to consider and develop together. By far the most popular idea was a community centre/hub that could serve the neighbourhood and provide multiple services. Ian and Dot will be holding another meeting soon where we’ll bring forward some options and opportunities to discuss further and take forward.

Are you a Coldean resident or do you work in Coldean perhaps? Would you like to come to our next meeting to see how things progress? Send Dot an email on and we’ll keep you in the loop.

Our Community Enabler Dot provided meeting space and helped plan and facilitate as well as providing refreshments. If you’d like to run something similar in your area get in touch!

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