Brighton & Hove’s housing co-ops give warm welcome to bus tour

Members of six of the city’s established housing co-operatives kindly gave up their time on a sunny Saturday to welcome visitors into their homes as part of our bus tour on 30 June.

Housing co-operatives are a good community-led housing model for people who wants to live in an affordable home, without a landlord and with collective control and ownership.

Brighton & Hove is home to around 16 different housing co-operatives and there are many more setting up through our Community-Led Housing Programme.

On 30 June we visited Rosa Bridge, Hornbeam, Bug, Two Piers, Dryad and Brighton Rock Housing Co-ops. The tour showed the variety of Brighton & Hove’s co-ops, from Two Piers’ Christchurch building, with 11 flats, to co-ops like Rosa Bridge and Bug which are home to a small group of people. We also saw co-ops who owned their houses and others who worked with a housing association, such as Dryad and Brighton Rock. Some co-ops were central, such as Rosa Bridge and Two Piers, whereas others were on the outskirts of the city, like Hornbeam and Dryad.

Co-operatives follow seven principles, including informing people about the benefits of co-operation, co-operating with the wider movement and acting with concern for the wider community. As part of the tour local co-ops were able to put all of these into action.

The tour was a great way for people interested in and setting up their own co-ops to find out what it’s like once you’ve moved in and how existing co-ops deal with challenges. All the co-op members who showed us around were open and honest, and learning from their experience was valuable.

Thanks to all the welcoming co-ops who let us into their homes as part of the tour. Also to the Big Lemon for driving us around.

Find out more about the co-ops which took part in the tour here

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