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Seeing is believing with Cornwall CLT

On 17 October, Amy Hall from the BHCLT team went to a National CLT Network See it and Believe it event in Duloe, Cornwall, including a tour of houses under development nearby.

Established in 2006, Cornwall Community Land Trust is now one of the biggest in the country. It develops its own housing as well as supporting and advising the many other smaller CLTs across the county. Between 20007 and 2018 Cornwall CLT has built, supported or enabled 236 homes.

We heard from Director of Cornwall CLT, Andrew George that CLTs are trying to address specific local need in a particular way. He said a hard headed, pragmatic approach was needed as, “you can’t knit houses out of hope.”

George explained that in Cornwall there are more than 20,000 families on the housing register and many others who never put their names down because they know they will never get anything through the council. People need to be on the register to rent through Cornwall CLT so they have actively encouraged people to join.

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