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Could community-led housing tackle London’s housing crisis?

Amy Hall from the BHCLT team was in London on Wednesday 19 September for an event on community-led housing in the capital, hosted by Impact Hub Islington.

The housing system in the UK is broken and community-led housing could provide part of the solution. This was the starting point for the ‘How could we make community-led cohousing the next big thing in London?’ event, outlined by facilitator Joost Beunderman, Director of Impact Hub Islington.

“Pumping more money into a broken system is not going to get us the change we really need,” he pointed out.

Alex Whitcroft, a Director at KIN, was the main speaker for the evening. KIN are architects, ethical developers, and community enablers for sustainable and community-led housing. He is also a co-founder of community housing group Cohousing London seeking to build inclusive affordable homes across London.

Alex highlighted, as well as there being a massive housing shortage, the built environment has a big impact on the environment. “We are a big part of the problem that the world is facing,” he said.

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