Brighton and Hove CLT has been set up initially with three Directors – all local residents with interests in community-led development. We are seeking other people interested in helping the organisation develop.

Peter Clarke
South Downs Eco Housing Cooperative

Helen Russell
CHIBAH (Co-operative Housing in Brighton and Hove)
Helen joined Two Piers Housing Co-op in 1983 and got stuck in. She was the Acting Chair of the National Federation of Housing Co-operatives in 1990 – 1991, and kickstarted the CCH (Confederation of Co-operative Housing) on the demise of the NFHC. Helen was Secretary of CHIBAH for many years, and represented the Brighton & Hove housing co-op movement at the local community and voluntary sector organisation, Community Works. She was a Community Works representative to Brighton and Hove’s Strategic Housing Partnership 2013 – 2016. Through these networks Helen has championed co-op housing and succeeded in getting the City’s recognition of its value in the housing strategy and City Plan. Helen is a composer and piano teacher.

Julian Howell
Sussex Cohousing
Julian has been interested in cohousing for a number of years and is a founder member of Sussex Cohousing. Sussex Cohousing has developed a strong vision of community, using sociocratic governance and non-violent communication models for its organisation. It is currently developing its business model. Julian is a semi-retired graphic designer who specialises in working for health, community and arts organisations.