Brighton and Hove CLT has five Directors – all local residents with interests in community-led development. We are seeking other people interested in helping the organisation develop.

Peter Clarke
South Downs Eco Housing Cooperative



Helen Russell
Co-operative Housing in Brighton and Hove (CHIBAH)
Helen joined Two Piers Housing Co-op in 1983 and got stuck in. She was the Acting Chair of the National Federation of Housing Co-operatives in 1990 – 1991, and kickstarted the CCH (Confederation of Co-operative Housing) on the demise of the NFHC. Helen was Secretary of CHIBAH for many years, and represented the Brighton & Hove housing co-op movement at the local community and voluntary sector organisation, Community Works. She was a Community Works representative to Brighton and Hove’s Strategic Housing Partnership 2013 – 2016. Through these networks Helen has championed co-op housing and succeeded in getting the City’s recognition of its value in the housing strategy and City Plan. Helen is a composer and piano teacher.

Julian Howell
Sussex Cohousing
Julian has been interested in cohousing for a number of years and is a founder member of Sussex Cohousing. Sussex Cohousing has developed a strong vision of community, using sociocratic governance and non-violent communication models for its organisation. It is currently developing its business model. Julian is a semi-retired graphic designer who specialises in working for health, community and arts organisations.

Rita Garner
Recess College
Rita joined BHCLT in the summer of 2017. She has lived and worked in the city since 1986 as a pharmacist and then manager of a wide range of health and social care organisations. She also works as part of the Recess College with individuals and small groups on personal growth and leadership. She works with local community organisations as a volunteer.

Jonny Anstead
Jonny is founding Director of TOWN, a housing developer delivering high-quality, sustainable housing and custom build homes. TOWN is the developer partner of Marmalade Lane, a 42-home cohousing project in Cambridge, which is being planned and delivered in close partnership with members of K1 Cohousing, the future residents of the scheme. Prior to establishing TOWN in 2014, Jonny worked for 9 years for sustainable land developer Beyond Green, where he led the acquisition, funding and early stage planning phases for a number of major strategic land opportunities including Beeston Park, a 3,520-home urban extension to Norwich.