Community-led housing journeys: Three groups tell their story

Brighton & Hove Community Land Trust (BHCLT) is working with around 17 new community-led housing groups as part of our Community-Led Housing Programme.

We spoke to people from three of these groups: Selby Housing Co-operative, SEASALT (South East Students Autonomously Living Together) and Lilliput Housing Co-operative about their experiences so far and the highs and lows of their journey.

Community-led housing allows local people to take control of their housing and create alternatives to the limited choices offered by the current housing market. Approaches include self-build, cohousing and housing co-operatives, all developed and run by local people working together.

Thanks to Tim Andrews Images who filmed and edited the video, as well as all the people from housing groups who took part.

There is also an exciting new instalment from Lilliput Housing Co-op’s series of films made by nine-year-old member Lilah. Through telling the story of her East Brighton street she explains why her family are having to move out of their rented home and are starting up a housing co-operative. She also speaks to some of their neighbours and how the changes in the housing market have changed things for them.

Watch Lilah’s video on her quest for a kid’s co-op here.

Find out more about the local housing groups we work with here:
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