Financial support available for housing groups

As part of our work to more community-led housing to the city, we now have Housing Ourselves financial support available to groups working to get new projects off the ground.

Housing Ourselves grants and support is supported by Brighton & Hove City Council (BHCC) through the Community Housing Fund. The aim is to help local groups to develop their own community-led housing solutions. Grants are available from £1,000 up to £50,000, depending on how far your housing group has progressed (more details below and in the full guidelines for applicants). Grants and support is available to community-led housing groups at any stage of their journey, especially pre-construction or pre-purchase stages of housing projects. and are designed to help people:

  • Overcome the obstacles they currently face in getting their project off the ground.
  • Gain access to additional funds from other sources to buy, convert or build appropriate properties.
  • Develop their ideas into housing solutions which benefit themselves and others.

The Housing Ourselves programme can also offer free expert support to make community-led housing a reality – not just money. We aim to help groups to, for example, develop their group and their business case, find suitable land or property, and get them ready to secure a mortgage in order to fund the next phase of their project.

The programme can also offer support for free e.g. providing someone with particular expertise to help groups develop their plans; and help to match groups and available land or property.

Read more about Housing Ourselves and the application criteria here


Considering self-build? Join Starlings on a trip to Bristol

Starlings Housing Coop are looking for people to join them on a tour of Ashley Vale self-build community in Bristol on Saturday 3 February.

Ashley Vale is an exciting project consisting of 40 homes, alongside workspaces, community facilities and a traffic-calming ‘home zone’. It was initiated by local residents in 2000 and completed in 2010. It has won multiple awards for its design features and sustainability.

On the day there will be a four hour workshop, including a tour of The Yard plus a talk and discussion with Jackson Moulding of Ecomotive. This is a great inspiration opportunity for anyone thinking about a self-build community-led housing project, whether you are doing it with your own hands or contracting the work out.

More on Ashley Vale:

You will have the chance to learn about the history of the project and to look up close at the houses from the exterior, accompanied by a participant from the original project. There may be a chance to look inside one or more of the homes.

Starlings Housing Coop aims to create a small community of 24 genuinely affordable, sustainable homes in Brighton and Hove. A the centre will be a a community hub and the project will evolve according to the members’ needs.

Sign up to join Starlings on their trip here at Eventbrite.

Community Housing Fund

The Government has unveiled its £60 million per year Community Housing Fund for communities affected by second home ownership. The National CLT Network has been working closely with DCLG on the fund and was quoted in the Government press release warmly welcoming its arrival.

In the first year the money is going to local authorities, with the largest shares going to the South West, South East and the East of England. The National CLT Network is working with the BSHF and the community-led housing alliance to advise local authorities on how best to use the money.

More information can be found on the Government website.